Press F To Win is an adventure game that challenges the player with an obvious task which has an equally obvious solution! The theme of the Nordic Game Jam 2015 was Obvious so this game is all about pressing the "F" key to win! Its that obvious! But is there all that is to this game? Dare you explore beyond the realms of pressing "F" and discover the secrets beneath the city?

Move using WASD, Jump on space, Slash on G and press F to win



Programming: David Norberg, Hampus Gustafsson, Petter Henriksson

Graphics: Johan Zdybal, Marika Johansson

Sound/Music: Konrad Petersson


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this is an interesting parody of the "ending vs true ending" paradigm a lot of games have. is there any satisfaction in getting an ending that isn't the correct one?


Pewdiepie pressed F